My mother's death propels me into a reexamination of my life, the major historical events that impacted me and my personal and professional development. Along the way I explore emotional sensitivity, suspicion, growing up in a divided family, the impact of ADHD on my life and other topics as they relate to my emotional reaction to the death of my mother.

Conflict, Turmoil & Technological Change -- Hallmarks of the Baby Boom Generation

Three political assassinations in five years, race riots, fires, snipers, bombings in more than 100 U.S. cities, anti-war demonstrations, fuel crises, space shuttle disasters, 9/11 and its aftermath...

From a single, hazardous, sub-orbital space flight to first steps on the moon in less than 10 years. From a refrigerator-size computer with 32 kilobytes of memory to sophisticated mobile devices and basic pharmaceuticals to highly targeted blockbuster drugs, the baby boomers benefited.

 We've been through a lot.